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Chase Mobile Browser FAQs

General Information & Usage

Are there fees to use the Chase Mobile® browser?
Do I have to enroll in Chase OnlineSM to use the Chase Mobile browser?
Can I use the same User ID and Password for my Chase Mobile browser that I use for Chase Online?
How many incorrect login attempts does it take before access to the Chase Mobile browser is locked?
Can my Chase Mobile browser session time out?
Which accounts are available through my Chase Mobile browser?
What can I do with my Chase Mobile browser?
Can I use my browser's "Back" button?


Is the Chase Mobile browser secure?
Can I access the Chase Mobile browser without a Chase Online User ID and Password?
What is multifactor authentication?
How can I be sure my Chase Mobile browser information is secure if my mobile device is lost or stolen?
Does Chase save any information on my mobile device?
Should I be concerned about phishing from my mobile device?
What should I know about giving out my Chase User ID and Password?

Chase QuickPaySM

What is QuickPaySM?
How does QuickPay work?
When will the funds be available?
Once I send a payment, when is money withdrawn from my account?
Are there limits to the amount I can send or receive?
How long does a recipient have to accept a payment?
What if I'm missing a payment or request and don't see it in my To Do list?
What is clearXchange?
Which banks participate in clearXchange network?
What does clearXchange mean to you?

Credit Card

What is the Interest-Free Period on my Purchases?
How do I avoid interest charges on purchases?
When is there not an Interest-Free Period?

FDIC Coverage

What types of accounts are eligible for FDIC insurance?
How do I know how much I'm covered for?
What do I have to do to obtain this coverage?
What about my business accounts?
How can I learn more about my FDIC coverage?
What about my IRAs?

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